Juicing 101 – Discover Juicing Basics Released on Amazon

November 11, 2012 Publisher News

Hey everybody, Chuck Morris here wanting to let you know that my new Kindle e-book was published by amazon.com today. You can find the new Juicing Book here. You can also find out more about what is in the book on my website book page for juicing.

My first three books, about Water, Vitamin C and Sweeteners were more for reference and educational purposes, but this book on Juicing has a ton of recipes to help you along the path to a healthier you!

Juices made from fruits and vegetables have many health benefits. They are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to function at its best.

In this Juicing book I outline the nutritional properties and values of the top vegetable and fruits, compare different juicing technologies, identify which fruits and vegetables can be mixed, and offer a plethora of juicing recipes for everyone’s tastes and health needs.

This book is worth having. Buy it on amazon.com today.

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